Senior Drivers Refresher Driving Course for More Safety

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Senior citizens need to rebuild their confidence driving on the road to avoid accidents instead of limiting their traveling independency. A refresher driving course from a qualified instructor can help. The instructor provides useful tips and updated knowledge that ensures you perform competently on the road.

Reasons senior drivers need refresher driving course

As people get old, their reflexes slow down and their vision deteriorates. Besides, physical and health limitations impact their safe driving ability. The new vehicles are equipped with advanced technological features, which seniors may struggle using it.

Learning to use them can help seniors to take advantage of the technology benefits for safe driving. A refresher course or driving lessons Tuggeranong at the Pass First Go Driving School will help all.

Get updated with road and safety rules

  • Refresh their skills
  • Enhance their established driving practice
  • Get insurance discounts

Safe driving is the ultimate goal for every driver regardless of their age. However, many insurers offer mature driver discounts to those who voluntarily complete a defensive driving course. Some insurance providers offer seniors continuous renewal for updated knowledge on completing a defensive driving course every 3-year.

Eligibility for refresher driving course

Refresher driving courses are designed for senior citizens. The criteria to qualify for discounts on insurance are –

  • Age of the driver has to be 55+ years
  • Driving record has to be free from moving violations or recent accidents
  • An insurance provider that offers a discount to a senior driving course

What will you learn in a refresher driving course?

Seniors have been driving for decades, but it has been a long time since the completion of formal driver training. At a senior age, you will experience physical challenges, which can obstruct your driving approach. Updates on critical driving skills will help to lessen the risk of accidents and seniors can drive on the road for several years. The senior driver’s refresher course will cover topics like –

  • Basics of safe driving practices
  • Road distraction management
  • How to deal with medications and drowsiness
  • Handling driving hazards like road rage
  • Hearing and vision loss management
  • Physical comfort while driving
  • Importance of safety restraints like seat belts and airbags
  • Safe car maintenance
  • Updated road rules and regulations

The refresher driving course will teach you to drive more responsibly and safely.

Tips for adult drivers

As adult ages, the risk of getting killed or injured in car accidents increases. People older than 75 years are at maximum risk because of physical changes, vision issue, and decline in cognitive functioning impacts their driving abilities. Some important tips are given for the mature driver to drive safely.

Use seat belt – Seat belt does not prevent accidents but keeps you safe during a crash. You escape with a minor injury than a fatal end.

Never drink & drive – Drinking and driving is a bad concept for drivers of any age. Mature drivers need to stay safe, so don’t drive if you had a drink.

Drive-in safe conditions – Darkness, rush hour, heavy ice/snow/rain is challenging driving moments, so you need to stay at home.

Medication alert – If your medication is new or the dosage is altered, you need to keep a close eye on your driving capabilities. Medication can cause drowsiness or impact your response while driving. It is better to avoid driving until you are certain you can steer the wheels safely.

Checkups – have your ears and eyes checked often. Wear corrective glasses or lenses. If necessary, wear a hearing aid.

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