How You Can Prevent Overeating at A Buffet?

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Often it was observed that people end up over eating in certain party or a social get together than any average person can eat in normal situation.

However, if you are not in a habit of eating daily fried chicken and also fettuccine, then by eating at Riverside buffet at Angel of the Winds Casino can leave you in more bloated condition like an overinflated football.

So, keep a note of the following things before you visit any such occasion, where you may have to eat delicious food, so that you may not feel uncomfortable after eating.

  1. Don’t starve

Avoid starving yourself, which can damage your metabolism, physical health, and also your mental health, especially before hours or days of event. Do not cut on calories to eat more.

Instead of that, prefer to eat certain filling snack or small meals before that event. If your stomach is fully satisfied, then you can hear body’s signals clearly.

  1. Meet your meal

Before filling your plate, try to get familiar with foods that are available. Do you have the favorite foods present in the menu?

Meeting your foods before you start loading your plate will help to make best selection for yourself. If you do not know about all the options, you may feel that you have missed out some of your favorite one.

  1. Use tiny saucer plates

Most of the nutrition gurus will advise you to fill a smaller plate that will easily trick your mind that you just ate plateful of meal while in fact, you ate only a small portion of your favorite dish.

So, selecting an extra-large plate may make you feel more satisfied but prefer to stick to tiny plates.

  1. Be a feinschmecker

Many of you must not have heard about this word, which is a German word for Gourmet and you can still prefer to be feinschmecker when you eat your food.

As a picky gourmand during buffet can help you to enjoy only those dishes that you love and spare the stuff that you don’t.

  1. Grab a seat

Eating in standing position may not be right. By eating in standing position, your food will be 29.987% less tasty and 42.331% less satisfying. Also, you will end up ingesting 61% more food and will experience triple amount of indigestion.

So, it is worth making some effort to find a suitable place to sit. Try to get chair from and comfortably sit near the buffet and enjoy the food.

  1. Have hot drink

Taking hot tea or coffee after the dessert can keep you hydrated and slow you down. This will also help you to savor your food plus the calming effect about hot drink will also counteract the hectic “so much food in so little time” kind of atmosphere.

  1. Stay social

You must remember that after all why you are here in this party! Any celebration or family gathering is meant for keeping in contact with your near and dear one, and also relatives and other acquaintances that you may have not seen for a long time.

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