Say No to Plastic and Create a Positive Impact on the Environment

Plastic is one of the major reasons for pollution. Plastic fill up landfills and ocean, thereby harming the environment and oceanic life. Even though plastic is banned in many countries, people still continue to use it as it is cheap and economical.

Minimizing the Use of Plastic

If you really want to contribute to the environment, you need to first start by minimizing the use of plastic in your life. Plastic products can be replaced with other items.

When we go shopping, we can make use of reusable shopping bags, rather than the plastic ones. You can keep one in handy in your car, backpack or office and use them whenever needed. Companies can also use these bags to create awareness of the environment. These reusable bags can be given to employees and can be customized with the company’s brand name and logo.

If you have no clue where to begin, you can check out Custom Earth Promos. They have a wide variety of eco friendly bags that are made out of recycled materials. You can check with them for reusable shopping bags bulk orders and enquire about the prices for the same.

Avoiding Using Plastic for Food Items

Plastic bottles are used by everyone. We can minimize the use of such bottles by replacing them with reusable ones. Many plastic bottles are made from harmful chemicals that can be bad for our health. Stainless steel bottles can be refilled and used for longer durations.

Avoid using plastic containers for leftover food. Carry containers for the leftovers. Similarly avoid using straws and plastic cutlery and replace them with wood or stainless-steel ones. Straws can be replaced with paper straws.

In office, ensure that you get your own cups and use it during your coffee breaks. Avoid purchasing milk in plastic. A better alternative to this would be to get them in glass bottles or paper bags. Similarly, you can make use of paper bags for pastries and other eatable items. In supermarkets, purchase loose fruits and vegetables, rather than the packed or frozen ones.

Leading a Plastic Free Life

Right from the convenience of your home you can lead a plastic free life. Some tips in achieving this feat include:

  • Use products that do not contain polyethylene in them
  • Consider using bar soaps or powders
  • If you are using liquid, then go in for refill packs
  • Make changes to your wardrobe by purchasing linen, cotton, wool or silk clothes
  • Make use of natural fiber brushes or cleaning clothes for cleaning purposes
  • Use natural rubber gloves
  • Make use of recycled toilet paper
  • Make use of natural hygiene products
  • Avoid purchasing new plastic items. Try repairing them instead
  • Go back to your school days by using pencils instead of plastic pens
  • Purchase toys made from natural materials

Making a switch to a plastic free life will take some time. You can begin slowly and make subtle changes to your lifestyle.


A small effort on your part can make the environment a better place to live in. The journey is going to be tough, but it is worth it.

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