What Should You Pack for A Golf Trip?

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Your packing will mainly depend upon how many numbers of days you are going to spend for your golf trip. Besides that, following few things are also to be considered:

  • Number of holes that you may play
  • How often you want laundry service
  • What is the present climate?

Following are a broad list of items that you need to pack if you are planning to visit Apache Stronghold golf course for few days.

  1. Golfing items

Those who are confident or casual golfers can choose to leave their costly equipment at home. Rather they must rent equipment to avoid personal loss and damage. However, if you are comfortable only with your personal equipment, then you need to pack all your necessity items that are preferred/favorite. The list can be too exhaustive for some of you however you need to make sure that your purpose of visiting for the trip is met.

2Weather specific items and gears

It is always a better advised to check the weather forecast of the area during the week where you are going to visit for golf trip. Based on the weather condition, you need to decide what you need to pack. Based on the geographical location, you may decide what are few extra things that you may need in order to pack for different weather conditions which may also include rain gear, jackets/sweaters or moisture wicking clothing.

3. Personal items

Most of your personal items will include all the necessary documents for travelling for the trip. Do not miss to carry your wallet/purse, along with necessary cash, credit card, passport if you are travelling to outside country, driver’s license and all confirmation documents like receipts, tickets, tee-times etc. Besides that, there must be various contact information for resorts, courses, dining, and transportation etc. also must be taken.

4. Personal electronics

Few personal electronics that must be carried by you can be your basic wrist watch or your mobile phones, laptops, cameras and all necessary electrical chargers and extra batteries. Few golfing gadgets that you may enjoy to carry e.g. rangefinders or GPS devices, in order to check with the location of courses on the itinerary.  There may also be few restrictions to carry certain gadgets and devices during certain specific courses.

5. Toiletries

In case your trip is more than 4 to 5 days, then plan to pack few travel-sized toiletries items.  Also, if your trip may not include air travel, it will always be beneficial to carry lighter baggage. Most of the resorts and hotels will provide all basic items e.g. shampoo, soap and lotion, but in case you prefer only for certain brand then you must pack them for the trip. Sometimes even in certain densely populated areas too, searching for store that have your preferred toiletry brands can take lot of your time during the vacation.

6. Clothing

Based on number of days of the trip, you can decide the number of clothes. Also, it will largely depend upon the local weather conditions too. Make sure that all your clothes meet the dress code for the event where you are visiting.

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