Are You Looking for Suitable Workshop Heater? A Few Things You Should Know

As the climate changes from summer season to winter, you need to consider some kind of arrangement to keep yourself warm in your work place too. This will help you to remain productive during cold season too.

Following are various considerations based on which you can choose a suitable heater

Choose your BTU

Before, you select any arrangement for heating, you need to know what is your actual requirement for heating the area.

The ability to warm any area is measured in terms of British Thermal Unit or in short BTU. Higher the BTU, greater will be its ability to heat the workshop. In order to decide the BTU requirement, you can use the following formula:

 BTU required = 0.133 X Cubic feet volume of the space X difference in temperature in F

Choose the heating types:

Forced air

Such forced air heaters are also known as torpedo or bullet heater where a fan is used for circulating warm air in the space. Following are their features:

  • Duct able
  • Fast heating
  • Higher BTUs, perfect for larger areas
  • Many fuels available
  • Usually they are wheel mounted, easier to move


It can provide direct warmth as they use infrared rays. They are quite and following are the features:

  • Great for indoor application
  • Heats air and also objects, quite good for any spot heating
  • Produces necessary heat immediately
  • Quiet operation
  • Small and portable
  • Variety of fuels are available


  • Many people often prefer this kind of heater and following are the features:
  • Good for heating larger or smaller spaces
  • Out of your way and off the floor
  • Overhead heat
  • Simple to use
  • Variety of fuels existing


It can heat the total area quickly as well as evenly. Following are the features:

  • Collapsible and easily transportable
  • Great for workers
  • Heats large areas
  • Low fuel consumption
  • No electricity required
  • Quiet operation

Choose the right type of fuel

Liquid propane

Following are the advantages of liquid propane

  • Burns clean
  • Fuel stores indefinitely
  • Portable
  • Safe for any indoor use
  • Wide variety of sizes of tank

Natural gas

Advantages of natural gas are as follows:

  • Attaches to any of your present gas lines
  • Burns clean
  • Inexpensive
  • Never can go out of fuel
  • No need of extra gas tank
  • Safe to use inside


  • Good for any large areas
  • Kerosene have following advantages:
  • Self-contained fuel tanks, easier to move
  • Some units can even burn diesel or jet fuel
  • Stable, safe fuel
  • Very high BTU


Electric heaters have following advantages:

  • Doesn’t affect the moisture levels for any type of sensitive projects
  • Many sizes available
  • No fuel required
  • No exhaust or flame fumes
  • Perfect for any indoor usage
  • Quiet operation
  • Small and portable


Diesel offers the following advantages as heater fuel:

  • Duct able heat for large areas
  • Good for construction or any other commercial users
  • Lots of heat
  • Portable and trailer mounted

Now looking at all these details you can choose right kind of heater for your workshop that will not only be effective but also much economical option too.

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